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Well hello! My name is Megan (or Sky as I'm known on dA -> mAgICALnIGHTSKy.deviantart.com) and welcome to this little blog. Here you will find Klaine,Glee, and Dalton (CP Coulter) reblogs in addition to my random drawings and "Project Plush Glee", which is a project of mine to recreate the cast of Glee as little plushies, and any other random Glee craft projects I come up with.

My dream is to somehow, in someway, someday, to meet the cast of Glee and give them what I've made as gifts to them (even if it takes me forever). In the meantime I'm just stuck in my own little "Klaine Dream."

Dare to Dream.

Currently I am: reading Dalton fanfics I come across and sketching any inspirations I get from reading

Other stuff:
- I love Disney
- I love Glee and the Warblers
- Current obsession is Dalton (by CP Coulter)
- and Merlin
- I love Starkid
- I love crafting and drawing
- I'm notably weird and an obsessive fangirl

Feel free to ask me anything/talk with me (about Glee, plushies, art, etc.)
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I finally managed to force myself to do something for a klaine au friday, so here’s Klaine as Ellie and Carl from Up for this week’s au

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Disney Princesses modeling the Designer Villains gowns.

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Being able to understand jokes like these make Chemistry almost worth it. 

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Avengers’ reactions to being placed inside a cardboard box

Must be nighttime

Omg Hawkeye

fuckin’ hawkeye

Hawkeye kinda wins this one.

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LOS ANGELES, CA - JULY 26: Chris Colfer signs copies of his new children’s book ‘The Land Of Stories: The Wishing Well’ at Barnes & Noble bookstore at The Grove on July 26, 2012 in Los Angeles, California.

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