Klaine with a side of Glee

Well hello! My name is Megan (or Sky as I'm known on dA -> mAgICALnIGHTSKy.deviantart.com) and welcome to this little blog. Here you will find Klaine,Glee, and Dalton (CP Coulter) reblogs in addition to my random drawings and "Project Plush Glee", which is a project of mine to recreate the cast of Glee as little plushies, and any other random Glee craft projects I come up with.

My dream is to somehow, in someway, someday, to meet the cast of Glee and give them what I've made as gifts to them (even if it takes me forever). In the meantime I'm just stuck in my own little "Klaine Dream."

Dare to Dream.

Currently I am: reading Dalton fanfics I come across and sketching any inspirations I get from reading

Other stuff:
- I love Disney
- I love Glee and the Warblers
- Current obsession is Dalton (by CP Coulter)
- and Merlin
- I love Starkid
- I love crafting and drawing
- I'm notably weird and an obsessive fangirl

Feel free to ask me anything/talk with me (about Glee, plushies, art, etc.)
Blogs that are Totally Awesome

For forgivemeannabelle (who is cuddling Dwight as you read this ;D).  Did this sometime ago in my notebook (I have a bunch of Jogan from your fanfics too) but I don’t have a working scanner… so here’s a lame webcam photo before I go to bed.  Good night!

Character: Dwight from Dalton by CP Coulter